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Meet the Governors


The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body has overall responsibility for ensuring the school provides a high quality education for all its children through working with the headteacher and members of staff to maintain high standards. The main roles of governance are:

Strategic:Long term plans and direction of the school; aims and ethos of the school; operational policies

Support & Challenge: Be a ‘critical friend’ by being supportive but challenging; monitor and evaluate performance against targets; hold the school to account

Accountability: Ensure the National Curriculum is delivered; responsibility for the school budget; accountable to the whole school community for the school’s overall performance

The full Governing Body meets five times a year, plus a school improvement planning meeting, committee meetings, an in-house governor training session and governor visits to school. In addition governors attend training courses to develop their knowledge in specific areas of school governance.


The Structure of the Governing Body

The Governing Body of Knutsford School re-constituted in December 2012 and now consists of twelve governors and two Associate Members, supported by a clerk to the governors. The categories of governors are as follows:

  • The Headteacher
  • One member of staff elected from and by paid members of the school staff
  • Four parent governors elected from and by parents and carers of children attending the school and nursery
  • One local authority governor appointed by the local education authority
  • Five co-opted governors appointed by the governing body
  • The INCo (Inclusion Co-ordinator) and the School Business Manager are associate members each reporting on their work to a committee. They do not have voting rights.

The governing body is led by a chairperson elected by the governing body. The current Chair of Governors is Darren Stretton.

The main work of the Governing Body is conducted by two committees:

Resources Committee Curriculum and Standards Committee

The Resources Committee meets five times a year to oversee the school budget, the premises, health and safety and personnel matters.

The members of this committee are:
Eileen Anderson
Nicola Beaumont
Maria Bishop (Associate)
Richard Hogg
Ebraz Khan (Committee Chair)
Harsha Moore
Darren Stretton


The Curriculum and Standards Committee meets three times a year to monitor curriculum delivery, pupil achievements, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and equalities matters.

The members of this committee are:
Nadia Akhtar
Eileen Anderson
Gabby Franklin
Laura Gonsalves
Tracy Griffiths (Committee Chair)
Ben Hantonne
Catherine Hutchinson (Associate)
Jackie Sansom
Darren Stretton

Other committees and working groups are formed as required from those governors with the appropriate training or experience (e.g. Appeals, Complaints, Pupil or Staff Discipline).

Each governor is linked to a focus area related to the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

Governor Start Date Term of Office Stepped Down Category* Relevant Business or Financial Interests Responsibilities Link Area Committee Regular (80%+) Attendance
Nadia Akhtar 14/01/2016 4 years COP None SEND/Inclusion Curriculum & Standards No
Eileen Anderson 15/04/2014 n/a HT None Curriculum & Standards
Nicola Beaumont 20/12/2013 4 years COP None Child Protection Resources Yes
Irene Dubuis 14/05/2014 4 years 26/11/2015 LA None Curriculum & Standards Yes
Gabby Franklin 17/10/2016 4 years COP Head of Knutsford Community Pre-School Vice Chair PE & Sports Premium Curriculum & Standards Yes
Laura Gonsalves 07/02/2017 4 years PAR None Curriculum & Standards  
Tracy Griffiths 29/09/2014 4 years PAR None Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee


Curriculum & Standards Yes
Ben Hantonne 01/12/2016 4 years LA None Curriculum & Standards Yes
Richard Hogg 08/10/2015 4 years COP None Finance & Audit Resources Yes
Ebraz Khan 29/09/2014 4 years PAR None Chair of Resources Committee Maths Resources Yes
Harsha Moore 29/09/2014 4 years PAR None Health & Safety
Resources Yes
Virginia Palmer 20/12/2013 4years 22/07/2016 COP None Curriculum & Standards Yes
Jackie Sansom 22/11/2015 4 years STF None Pupil Premium & Children Looked After Curriculum & Standards Yes
Mark Smith 01/05/2016 4 years 06/10/2016 LA None Governor Development Co-ordinator Resources Yes
Darren Stretton 02/12/2016 4 years COP None Chair of Governors   Yes
Vacant       COP          
Catherine Hutchinson 01/09/2016 n/a AM Inclusion Coordinator Curriculum & Standards Yes
Maria Bishop 01/10/2015 n/a AM School Business Manager Resources Yes

* COP: Co-opted Governor
   HT: Headteacher
   LA: Local Authority Governor
   PAR: Parent Governor
   AM: Associate Member
   STF: Staff Governor

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