Knutsford School
Jan 12 15

Meet the Staff


Leadership Team

Headteacher: Miss Eileen Anderson
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Nicola Beaumont
Assistant Headteacher and Upper School Leader (Y4 – Y6): Miss Debbie Owen
Lower School Leader (Y1 – Y3): Mrs Helen White
Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Miss Katie Butler
Inclusion Co-ordinator (INCo): Mrs Catherine Hutchinson

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Co-ordinator: Mrs Hutchinson
Lead HLTA: Mrs Sansom
EYFS Support: Mrs Kanji
Inclusion Support Worker: Mrs McConnon
Bi-lingual Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jain
Teaching Assistants: Mrs David, Mrs Hodge, Mrs Thangaraj and Mrs Tunwell

Office Team

School Business Manager: Mrs Bishop
Secretary: Mrs Ryan
Secretary: Mrs Thornhill
Secretary: Mrs Allnutt
Site Manager: Mr Herbert

Class Teachers and Support Staff

Class Teacher Support Staff PPA Cover MSA


Miss Butler Miss Arif
Ms Ash
Mrs Hill
Mrs Hill  

Reception Birch

Miss Griffiths

Mrs Monahan

Mrs Hill

Mrs David
Mrs Dunn
Mr Massally

Reception Lime

Mrs Baldwin

Miss Pounds

Mrs Wellock

Year 1 Beech

Miss Barnes

Mrs Saint

Mrs Freeman
Mrs Sansom

Mrs Freeman
Mrs Richards 

Year 1 Elm

Miss Smith

Mrs Talbot

Year 2 Cedar

Mr Erroll

Mr Massally
Mrs Sansom
Mrs Small

Mrs Freeman
Mrs Wellock

Mrs Bevan

Year 2 Poplar

Mrs White

Year 3 Maple

Miss Murrain

Mrs Jahangir
Mrs Malkiewicz
Mrs Thangaraj

Mrs Freeman
Mrs Wellock

Mrs Thangaraj
Mrs Whitman

Year 3 Plane

Mrs Hopkins

Year 4 Hazel

Miss Davis

Mrs Crowley
Mrs David
Mrs Dunn
Mrs Lewis

Mrs Freeman
Mrs McConnon
Mr Smith
Mrs Wellock

Mrs Abbiss
Mrs Hathaway

Year 4 Rowan

Mrs Curtis

Year 4 Sycamore

Mrs Elliott

Year 5 Ash

Mrs Rixon

Mrs Hodge
Mrs Tear
Mrs Townsend

Mrs Freeman
Mr Smith
Mrs Wellock

Mrs Kannangara
Mrs Khan

Year 5 Oak

Miss Ayre

Year 6 Pine

Miss Owen

Mrs Parrish
Mrs Tear

Mrs Freeman
Mr Smith
Mrs Wellock

Mrs Hodge
Mrs Wallace

Year 6 Willow

Miss Barnett

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

In addition to the MSAs (Mid-day Supervisory Assistants) named above:
Senior MSA: Mrs Khanam
MSAs: Mrs Goel, Mrs Jahangir, and Mrs Lewis